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KONAN & Associates brings together the following key qualities when acting for you our client:

  • Industry and market understanding of all contemporary issues affecting individuals and companies locally, nationally, regionally and globally.
  • Proven problem solving methodologies based on best practice, in legal problem solving and management, to minimise risk both in terms of time and cost associated with a client's needs to achieve all key deliverables.
  • Sensitivity to issues that are not in a client's viewfinder enables our firm anticipate and provide for several possible variables in respect to political, social, environmental and economic issues and ensure a holistic approach to legal solutions offered.
  • Advanced communications skills by our team of legal experts in conducting presentations, exercises, interviews and meetings maximises effective information extrapolation, analysis and proffering of opinions.
  • Immediately try to understand our clients' commercial objectives and policies and preferred outcome in any legal transaction;
  • Having a smart system of allocating tasks, under the oversight of the Managing Partner, that ensures the needs of the client and expected deliverables are timely met;
  • Ensuring that the team selected to perform specific legal tasks, under the stewardship of a Partner, have a clear understanding of the client's needs through development of transparent but clear communication procedures between the client and the team; and
  • Diligently and vigorously manage any resources available to ensure any legal advice given is current, relevant and informative.


The Firm of KONAN & Associates is a coming together of open minded and innovative individuals whose common agenda is to transcend common notions of Advocacy by applying modern day business savvy approaches and professional good practice to simple and complex legal problems.

This we strive to accomplish while at the same time upholding the time tested and intrinsic values of integrity, accountability and simplicity that are the bedrock of a legal practice.

To this end we are well aware of the importance of each and every client who patrons our offices and our focus is in delivering individual and specialized service to cater for all our clients' needs and requirements.

The skill set and expertise at the disposal of our team places it at the highest levels of professionalism thus exposing you, as the client, to a wide range of legal, fiduciary and corporate services.

Our emphasis is on continuously identifying, developing and harnessing only the best and brightest talents in the legal profession to ensure creative and open-minded approaches in meeting all of our clients' needs.


To ensure each Client's business is handled at the highest quality of service, a Partner will always run point on each transaction drawing experience from the appropriate lawyers and consultants to ensure value of output as well as meeting of deadlines set.

In doing so we shall endeavour to handle you, our client, with the diligence and professionalism that you would demand. In this regard, we shall consistently deploy, subject to the complexity of the issues at hand the following general stratagems:

By choosing to work with us you will be investing in a team that offers professionalism with a personal touch with a view to making all your endeavours successful.

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Kidenda, Onyango, Anami & Associates is a leading Kenyan law firm. We provide legal solutions to investors, companies, institutions and individuals.

We believe in diligence and integrity. Our legal solutions are tailor made to your individual requirements.

If you have a legal problem, KONAN & Associates will provide you with competent and timely solutions. Give us a call today for sound legal advice.

Our phone numbers are +254 (20) 5230-879 or +254 (725) 479-481.