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Dispute Resolution Services

The firm has a vibrant Litigation department that handles a variety of legal controversies. These are in areas such as Company law, Contract law, Public Procurement Law, Tort Law, Banking Law, Administrative Law, Family Law, Succession Law, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law etc.

We represent clients in Tribunals, Ad-Hoc Committees, Arbitration panels, and Courts. We present a novel and modern approach to litigation by making use of technology and innovative research techniques and client care management systems to do all that is possible to swiftly close legal controversies put before us.

Owing to the character of the firm, we handle Criminal pro bono briefs brought to our attention by indigent clients as a way of taking care of our social responsibility. Our costs in litigation matters are only justified by the speed with which we can orchestrate an end to disputes in which our clients are involved.

The Firm of KONAN & Associates is a coming together of open minded and innovative individuals whose common agenda is to transcend joint notions of Advocacy by applying modern-day business-savvy approaches and professional good practice to simple and complex legal problems alike.

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Team Leads for our dispute resolution services.

Kevin Anami

Jacqueline Okune