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Consultant Dr. Dan Kagagi


Dr. Dan Kagagi

Dr Dan Kagagi is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and has been an Advocate for over 30 years starting his legal career with Hamilton Harrison & Mathews. In 2023, he left Triple OK Law Advocates to join Zero Emission Electric Mobility Ltd as the Chief Executive Officer. This company is helping to grow the electric mobility revolution in Kenya through the sale and operation of electric vehicles in Kenya together with the development of the infrastructure to power these vehicles.

He has joined KONAN & Associates as a consultant specialising in commercial law, corporate and project finance. In between his legal career he developed considerable experience in the corporate world having served as Chief Executive of Kenya School of Professional Studies, Corporate & Pension Trust Services, and the Tourism Trust Fund. He acts as an Executive Coach and Mentor to a number of senior executives and public servants in the private and public sectors.

He also has an academic background, starting his academic career at the University of Leeds in the UK, teaching in the LLB programme. He has subsequently trained numerous executives on preparation for retirement and interviews and has acted as a recruitment consultant for KPMG, recruiting senior management for the public sector. He initiated the Retirement Planning Programme for members of retirement benefits schemes as well as the Trustee Training programme for Trustees of Retirement Benefits Schemes, both of which have been successfully run by the Retirement Benefits Authority.

Having been the Chief Executive of various public and private institutions, he has developed wide experience in implementing corporate governance principles in various organisations he has headed. His skill in corporate finance has led to the financing of various housing projects in Kenya. As a practising lawyer, he has experience in legislative drafting and stakeholder engagement, helping to draft the Bills that led to the enactment of the Tourism Act 2011, Unclaimed Financial Assets Act 2011 and the President’s Award Act 2017.

He holds PhD and LLB degrees from the University of Leeds. He is also a Certified Public Secretary and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Secretaries. He holds the awards of Head of State Commendation (HSC) and Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS).